Hey mamas and mamas to be! 

Those who know me know that I absolutely LOVE food. I love purchasing fresh produce of all colors and textures, and I love cooking with and entertaining my family. I always have, and probably always will. So, naturally, preparing to introduce solids to my little ones is always an exciting time for me. And, of course, I make it an activity for the whole family. 

For weeks I’ve been talking to my partner and kids about what first foods we are going to feed our baby, Ava. Before we get started, we are going to pull out and clean up our essentials and determine which items we need to purchase. So, as I plan and prepare to introduce solids to my baby, I thought I’d share a list of some of our favorite items, plus some new items we are eager to try.

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  1. Table-Mounted High Chair. We have a small space so this was the first high chair that we used and we loved it. It was easy to wash and super convenient to travel with.
  1. Highchair. Like our traditional high chair that was gifted to us, I love the wooden design, as it fits well with our decor. This one is better because it is made to grow with the child, has an adjustable foot shelf, and has a padded seat that can be wiped down easily.
  1. Suction Bowls. I love these silicone suction bowls because they are unbreakable and soft, which is important because baby will definitely try to mouth on it. I also really love the lid which allows you to store and serve food in the same dish.
  1. Starter Spoons. These are nice first spoons as it’s a flat surface so there’s no right or wrong side of the spoon. So, there will be no awkwardness as baby maneuvers the spoon in his or her mouth. Baby can simply dip the spoon and gather a taste of food. It can also serve as a teething toy. These have definitely made their way into my cart on Amazon. 
  1. Spoons. As with the silicone bowls, I love these because they are soft and “gum-friendly.” I also like that they come in many different colors. My older girls will love choosing the color spoon they want to use to help feed their baby sister.
  1. Fresh Food Feeder. I’ve tried the mesh version of these with my older girls. I’m eager to try this silicone version to see how my baby girl likes it. I’m not certain; but, I would expect this version to be easier to clean.  
  1. Cups. Between 6-9 months is the perfect time for babies to begin drinking from open cups, with parental assistance of course. This cup is soft and small enough for those tiny hands.
  1. Floor Mats. You might as well use the terms “mealtime” and “mess time” interchangeably because introducing solids to babies is absolutely messy. A mat under the highchair can make cleaning up a lot easier. This mat is waterproof, washable, and has a super cute design.  
  1. Bibs. These bibs come in lots of super cute design options. I like these because they are lightweight and not bulky heavy distractors like some other bibs. I also like that these have an adjustable neck, a “catch-all” pocket, and are waterproof.  
  1. Manual Food Maker. This 9-in-1 food maker is great for preparing your baby’s meals at home or on the go. It also comes with serving utensils and a lid so you can store leftovers. 
  1. Freezing Cubes. If you’re anything like me, you may prefer batch-making your baby’s food. These freezing cubes allow you to whip up a batch of food and store the food in the serving-size appropriate for your little one. For those first foods, I like to use the 2-tablespoon-sized trays. The trays also come in ½ cup, 1 cup, and 2 cups. The silicone material allows the frozen food to easily be removed from the tray for placement in more permanent storage.
  1. Food Containers. These food containers are great for preparing fresh food throughout the week and are also freezer-safe and microwavable. I like the glass material as it doesn’t stain or absorb food odors.
  1. Insulated Bag. This food storage bag allows you to keep your baby’s food and bottles warm or cool when used along with an ice pack. What I love about this bag is that it comes in lots of different colors and designs. Plus, it’s large enough to fit a few small containers of food as well as a couple of baby bottles.
  1. Washable Labels. These self-laminating waterproof labels are great for large families who need to label their baby’s food and for those families who send their little ones to daycare. As a mom of a kid with a food allergy, being able to label what’s hers is always nice.
  1. Immersion Blender. Sometimes you can use the tools you already have in your kitchen instead of purchasing baby-specific appliances. I love using my immersion blender to purée batches of my baby’s food. 

  1. Baby Food Maker. While I’m big on using the appliances I already have, I know some of you may prefer purchasing items specifically for your baby. I’ve heard great things about this baby food maker. What I like about it is its functionality; it chops food, steams, food processes, warms bottles, and self-cleans. And, it has great reviews.

These are 16 of my favorite items for introducing solids. I hope you found this list helpful. If you make any purchases, be sure to stop back here to comment your thoughts. Subscribe to our newsletter for more recommendations, tips, and tools to support you during your childbirth, postpartum, and early parenting journeys.