My oldest child just had a birthday, she turned 5! Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for five years now. Time does fly when you’re having fun!  

To celebrate my five years of motherhood, I thought I’d share with you five reasons why I love being a mom. If you’re a mom, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to much of what I say. And for those of you who aren’t moms yet, there’s a lot to look forward to. 

I love motherhood because it allows you to: 

  1. Grow in maturity. Women are often criticized for “changing” after becoming a mother. Some even try to convince themselves that they aren’t going to change. But the truth is, parenthood changes you, and I’ve embraced my change. As my first baby was born, so was the new me; a more mature, compassionate, and selfless me. I found that nothing forces you to be more emotionally advanced than creating, growing, and birthing a baby. And, seeing how your baby needs and depends on you allows you to mature quickly. 
    1. Be welcomed into the moms’ club.  While I knew I wanted to be a mom since I was a young girl, I didn’t know how cool the moms’ club was until I was in. I’m so #gratefulthankfulblessed for my three beautiful babies, I’m also happy that I now understand what motherhood is like. Becoming a mom has given me a new appreciation, respect, and admiration for my mother. We are closer now than ever before. Additionally, I now know how to better support all the mamas and mamas-to-be in my life. 
    1. Be loved unconditionally. Seeing your baby’s face light up when you walk into the room is the absolute best feeling in the world. And, hearing them call for you, even more so. While we moms often worry about failing at our parental responsibilities or questioning our choices, in the eyes of our babies, we are perfect. We are the one person who they know best and love unconditionally. My daughters and I tell each other daily that we love each other. We have this thing that we do where we stretch our arms up high and say “I love you this much, so tall.” Then we stretch our arms out wide and say, “I love you this much, so wide.” And, I know without a doubt that there’s nothing but the truth in their sweet words and their precious little voices, and I know that they also know my words to be true.
    1. Watch your kids grow. Those early parenting days and sleepless nights are hard! But if you’re a parent, you know exactly how quickly our babies grow up. Watching them transition from cooing to saying “mama” and “I love you,” is pure bliss. And as they go from saying their ABCs to reading and speaking in complete sentences is a proud moment.
    1. Recreate the best of your childhood memories. As a mom, I’m the decision maker, I’m in control and get to decide (along with my partner) what to do with my children. And, I love being able to do things with and for my children that I enjoyed doing as a child. One of my favorite memories is celebrating special occasions and being alongside my mom as she baked sweet treats and getting to “taste the spoon,” okay, “taste the bowl.” And, I get to recreate this experience with my kids often because I bake (from scratch) all of their birthday cakes. Though I may not always feel like doing so, once I start, I enjoy every minute of it. It’s the making of positive memories that brings me joy. And this one is pure nostalgia! 

    As mamas-to-be and new mamas, we are all so busy with the everyday hustle. However, it’s nice to take time to appreciate (or anticipate) the joys of motherhood. 

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